A web site will require ongoing maintenance...

Continuously updating pages is essential

If your pages remain unchanged for too long, many search engines will reduce the ranking of them. This means less visitors, which in turn means less business for you, and more for your competitors (as their rankings move up).

The Internet changes daily, and that alone requires a regular maintenance program.  You will also want to maintain your site to reflect the dynamics in your business.  Over time you may want an  entire new re-design. Websites are added, deleted, dropped, re-positioned and re-indexed on the Major Search Engines in routine fashion. As a result,  websites need to be monitored quite regularly. Unfortunately, most firms cannot devote the time to accomplish this nor do they have the proper tools or expertise to achieve accurate search engine analyses. 


You need someone to add information to your existing web pages?

You are not satisfied with your current web design or webmaster?

You need someone to add more functionality to your existing website?

You need a Website tune up, make over or face lift?

You need NOT search further. We can help.

Please contact us for a quote and or other questions
concerning our services.

Goals & Services Provided

  • - Help your business succeed

  • - Increase customer awareness of products and services

  • - Create an image for your business

  • - Highlight your professionalism and reliability

  • - Increase customer traffic and circulation and promote

  • - Increase sales and profits

  • - Create a powerful web design to attract customers

  • - Create an objective site that will be informative,
      navigationally easy and consistent

  • - Register your domain name

  • - Host your website

  • - Put your business, store or personal website online at
      a very affordable price



In today’s world of Internet revolution and regardless of the business, you need to look at the Internet as a way to build relationships with your customers, clients or community.  Your website will create an image for your company that highlights your professionalism and reliability.  Budget Computer Sales & Consulting understands the importance of having a website and has the expertise to do that for you.   The price is very affordable when compared to other professional web designers.